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“I tried the shrimp, it was OMGoooooooooooooood!!!”

OK, went to the Women's Expo and saw this beautiful display and fried shrimp. I read the sign and to purchase a bag, it was going to cost me $5. My friend thought the price was outrageous. I told her, if we can purchase a $300 purse from Tory Burch, surely we can purchase a $5 bag of fish fry from Joe! I tried the shrimp, it was OMGoooooooooooooood!!! I had never tasted anything like that before; I thought it was amazing and purchased four bags and that was not enough, we fry a lot. After reading the bag, it can be used to bake also. Kudos to the family. I just fried some catfish, shrimp and French fries; my kids are still raving about how good it was. Yes, you can buy fish fry for $1.39, if you are lucky; but I chose to purchase Joe's Gourmet Fish Fry and I will no longer buy anything else.
Carolyn Dukes
Atlanta, GA

“Everyone here prefers this fish fry over ANYONE else!”

My daughter and I met Mr. Joe as he was setting up at Walmart in Bayou Vista yesterday. He wanted us to wait so we could try his fish fry. Well, tonight we fried the fish. Everyone here prefers this fish fry over ANYONE else! I definitely will be buying more. Thank you for making such a great fish fry.
Janice Guidry Richard
Morgan City, LA

Oh my. YUM!!

OMG. I had a fish sandwich tonight. I swear it's the best fish/sandwich I've had in a long time. My was catfish so tender and delicious. Oh my. yum!!!!!!!!
Darlene Blair Smithwick
Smyrna , GA

“Five Stars! The Kids Love it!”

Jada Irving
New Orleans, LA

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